The Limber Jack


Dance the LimberJack!

Limberjacks are replicas of traditional toys which probably originated in Ireland several hundred years ago. They imitate the clog dancers who jigged noisily to music in their hob-nailed boots. They were carried to America by our early settlers who enjoyed hand-carving toys for their families’ amusement.

The Limberjack continues to delight new generations with his sprightly dance and tapping feet. He develops a child’s sense of rhythm and coordination; he is used in school rhythm bands, social studies courses, and story sessions. He is a bit of a celebrity, appearing in many folk music concerts, children’s TV programs, and the feature movie “My Side of the Mountain”.

Limberjacks are handcrafted in Vermont of solid native hardwood, by people who enjoy what they do – as befits a classic toy with an appeal to the child in us at any age.