If you have an instrument you would like to sell, bring it in and we will tell you what, in our best estimate, it is worth. We will also estimate the cost of any repairs needed. If we think our shop is not the best place to sell your instrument, we will tell you so.

∙ ☼ About Consignment Sales at Vintage Fret ☼ ∙

As of February 1, 2017, we will no longer accept instruments for consignment sale, until further notice. We will still honor all consignment agreements we’ve made up to that date, and will continue to display and market previously consigned instruments both here at Vintage Fret Shop, as well as on the internet.
As always, we will do our best to answer your questions on the telephone at (603) 968-3346. For best service, please contact us by telephone, rather than email.
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Don’t have the bucks today? We do Layaway! Here’s how it works:

1. Deposit $25 or 25% of the price of the instrument, whichever is greater. The item goes upstairs in the layaway department with your name on it.

2. You must make at least 1 payment every 30 days. Size of payments is up to you.

3. Full payment is due within 90 days.

4. Take home and enjoy!

If you don’t complete a layaway purchase once begun, you get store credit for whatever amount you have given us. (No cash refunds.)




Most of the new instruments and equipment we sell are warranteed by the manufacturers. Most of the used instruments we sell are warranteed by us, for a year from date of purchase.

Occasionally we will have an instrument that we don’t feel we can warranty, and in that case the price will reflect that fact and the listing and tag will say “As-Is.” Each as-is instrument generally has a unique story and some reason why we feel it’s worth buying anyway; feel free to contact us for further details on any as-is instrument.