As of September 2010, shop labor is billed at sixty dollars per hour, with a free quote and (if you wish) an appraisal of your instrument before repair work is begun. If a competitor can serve you better on a specialized repair problem, we will refer you to his or her shop. If your repair quote exceeds the potential market value of your instrument, we’ll tell you.

If you think your instrument might benefit from adjustment or repair, please bring it with you–we cannot estimate repair jobs by phone. Sometimes work can be done while you wait. String changes, truss rod adjustments, and other small repairs may fall into this category. Calling ahead is recommended if you need same-day service on an instrument.




We have 40 years’ worth of spare parts. If you need a part for an instrument, please do bring the instrument, even if the part seems so generic you think you shouldn’t need to. It’s amazing how many sizes and types there are of almost everything you might need. Whatever it is, it’s probably here somewhere.

As of April 26, 2011, we are currently not accepting repairs except those that can be done on a walk-in basis.


Bows are repaired for us by wonderful repair people who are not on the premises. We’ll call you with an estimate on these repairs.